Headhunter Marketing, Sales and Services

The central functional area of a company is the distribution with its marketing, sales and services departments. The employees there have the task of making the company visible, generating new business and retaining existing customers.

Today, products and sectors are developing fast and competition is growing. The demands on specialists and managers in sales are changing accordingly and there is a great need for new competent employees.

As a headhunting agency, we support you in recruiting suitable specialists and executives so that you as a company are professionally broadly and qualitatively positioned and can master the challenges on the market.

Clients from different industries and with different challenges

Our clients are primarily companies from the B2B sector, which face very different challenges. We support start-ups that want to boost their sales and position themselves in the market, but also growing companies that need new sales staff to cope with new business. In addition, we help large corporations that want to defend their position in the market through serious customer communication to find new employees.

We also find managers, directors, specialists and executives for service companies in this field.

Our key sectors in recruiting for sales include healthcare Here, real estate and construction Here, the digital economy Here, research, education and teaching Here as well as pharmaceuticals and medical technology Here. In all of these sectors, distribution is of great importance in order to survive in the market.

Recruitment for different departments and disciplines

Through active recruitment and executive search we fill positions in management and find executive for your company. In addition, we find suitable specialists and experts for key positions in marketing, sales and services.

Product Management - Product Marketing - Public Relations

The area of product management is particularly important in industries with highly specialised and developed products. To ensure that your product management, marketing and PR work is successful, we will find the right specialists and experts for you who have the relevant know-how and industry knowledge to position your company in the market.

Sales Organisations - Outbound

Another area of distribution is the sales department. In the classic outbound area, suitable experts are needed in the various sales positions to actively approach potential and existing customers and sell your company's products. Today, much of this happens digitally - but on-site and telephone acquisition remains an important part.

Service Organisations - Inbound

On the other side is the service department, which customers can contact with questions and problems. The staff in this department must be trained accordingly and know the industry and your company well. Of particular importance is key account management, which looks after your company's major customers. This existing customer business also includes ensuring that the company is customer-oriented.

Contact centre - inbound and outbound

Today, every sales and service department has a contact centre - the successor to the call centre. Here, either the company's specialists approach the customers and, among other things, carry out acquisition (outbound) or the customers turn to your service with questions and problems (inbound). We also recruit for your contact centre Here.

How we find the right candidates for key positions

When you commission us to search for suitable candidates for a position, the first step is to define together with you which tasks are associated with the position and what requirements you have of the candidates. This information is recorded in a so-called target profile.

In the next step, we conduct active sourcing on the market but also in our internal candidate pool and identify target persons whom we then contact directly. We approach candidates digitally, by telephone or on site.

We only introduce you to vetted candidates

In order to check whether the candidate really meets your minimum requirements, we compare the candidate's profile with the previously defined target profile. In the end, we only present you with suitable candidates from which you can make a selection.

Headhunting agency with full service - support right to the end

We are also happy to support you in the selection process, for example with individually tailored aptitude tests or assessment centres. As a full-service headhunting agency, it goes without saying that we will support you until the contract is signed and act as moderators between you and the candidate along the way.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

As a headhunting agency based in Hamburg's Hafencity, we have been supporting companies from various industries in the recruitment of suitable specialists and managers in the fields of marketing, sales and services as well as for contact centres since 1993.

Our team of permanent headhunters combines expertise from the fields of psychology and business administration in the search for suitable candidates. In this way, we not only ensure that a candidate fits your company professionally, but also as a person.

Our services as a headhunting agency are externally audited and double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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