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For us as an HR consultancy from Hamburg, the health care sector is among our key industries. Since 1993, we have been assisting companies and organisations from these specialist areas with questions relating to personnel and management.

Your temporary HR Department with Full Service

As a service provider, we see ourselves as a temporary HR department for our clients and support them with individual approaches in the implementation of projects or the solution of individual problems. Our HR consultants work closely with the client, analysing existing structures and processes in order to subsequently reorganise and realign them or, if necessary, to develop new approaches, which we then implement and realise together with the companies and organisations.

Our Services and Competences also digital

Our services cover all issues relating to employees and leadership, from the search for suitable personnel and employer branding to leadership structures and communication processes.

Finding and Selecting Staff

A large part of the work of Human Resources is the recruitment and selection of new employees who fit into the company. We support these processes and develop suitable tools for aptitude diagnostics and conduct individually adapted assessment centres or aptitude tests.

Health Care - a Field with many occupational Groups

Finding and selecting stuff is a particular challenge in this sector, as many different professional groups are employed in hospitals, practices and companies. In the health care sector, these are, in particular, medical and nursing staff. But administration, technology and IT are also of great importance. This development also has to do with digitalisation.

In the health care sector, pharmaceutical and medical technology in particular pose a challenge, as the specialist knowledge of doctors is combined with special technical know-how. You can find out more about our expertise as a personnel consultancy for pharmaceuticals Here and medical technology Here.

If you are a company or organisation in the health care sector and need support in the recruitment of the right candidates for a vacancy, our headhunters can help you.Read Here.

Personnel Marketing and Employer Branding

In order to recruit executives and suitable specialists quickly and effectively, personnel marketing and employer branding are of great importance in order to position the company as an attractive employer in the market. This includes the development of a clear mission statement and brand. We provide support in the development and definition of the market core in order to achieve an appropriate external impact.

Employee Retention and Motivation

For a good image in the industry and the community, employee retention and motivation are also of great importance. We help to introduce appropriate tools such as regular digital and structured employee surveys.

Staff Development - Talent Management

A sub-area of employee retention is personnel development and talent management. High performers in particular will only stay with a company if it offers them further training and career opportunities. Our human resources consultants support staff development and talent management in identifying needs and internal opportunities and accompany the implementation of corresponding digital education management measures.

Realignment of the Management

Leadership is always part of the whole area of employees. As an HR consultancy for the health care sector, we work with our clients to develop individually tailored management processes and structures with suitable tools, such as regular and structured goal-setting meetings or annual appraisal interviews. In this way, we make managers, head physicians, senior physicians, and nursing managers fit for management.

Personnel Consulting from Hamburg for Europe and globally

With our central location in Hamburg's Hafencity, we are ideally situated to support companies, hospitals and practices from all over Germany.

But the health care industry in particular is also internationally oriented and networked. With Hamburg as Germany's port to the world, we are also optimally connected for this and can advise global companies and organisations.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been active in the health care sector since 1993. With our team of permanent personnel consultants, we have already accompanied and implemented many projects in this sector and can therefore draw on almost 30 years of experience. We as a headhunting agency and our HR services are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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