Companies in the pharmaceutical industry are often faced with the problem that good skilled workers are in short supply, especially in production and in the field of healthcare professions, and that only a few applications are received. This applies on the one hand to advertised permanent vacancies but also to training positions. In the long term, this results in a shortage of specialists, as there is a lack of PTAs, MTLAs, MTAs, MFAs, but also experts in the field of IT.

As a personnel consultancy, we have been supporting pharmaceutical companies since our foundation in 1993 and advise them on all questions concerning HR. We support you as a company in positioning yourself as an attractive employer on the market and thus in attracting more experts and specialists with the appropriate professional skills from outside. You can find out how we understand and perceive the industry Here.

In addition, we help you to increase employee satisfaction and master talent management so that you can retain your experts in key positions in the long term. If required, we also provide support in optimising management structures and communication processes - we are your temporary HR department and offer a 360-degree service.

Improve your image on the job market and in the community

Employer branding and HR marketing can help you position yourself as an attractive employer on the market and increase your visibility in the community. We support you in defining your brand essence and communicating it to the outside world in a targeted and successful manner. In this way, you improve your image as a company and arouse the interest of professionals and specialists.

Due to the lack of experts, it is often interesting for companies to train their own specialists. We support you in your search for trainees and make you visible in the appropriate places.

If, despite the various measures, you are unable to find suitable candidates for a position, our headhunters for pharmaceuticals will be happy to help Here.

Spoilt for choice - mastering the selection process

After a successful recruitment, ideally there will be several candidates to choose from and you, as managing director, head of department or HR department, will have to decide on one candidate. We support you in making a well-founded and legally sound decision by conducting individual aptitude tests or assessment centres.

Overcoming the lack of qualified personnel internally

However, the lack of qualified staff cannot always be overcome by recruiting new employees, and companies must also retain top performers and train them internally. As a personnel consultancy for the pharmaceutical industry, we provide you with the appropriate tools to identify internal needs and support you in implementing further training measures. In this way, internal talent management succeeds and you can ensure that you are always well positioned in terms of personnel in the future.

Optimise management processes

For long-term success in the market, you also need appropriately trained managers. As a full-service personnel consultancy, we also offer support in this area. In cooperation with the managers and heads of departments of your company, we define areas of responsibility and roles and train them for their tasks with personnel responsibility.

For us, this also includes the implementation or optimisation of management processes and communication strategies in order to enable efficient working methods in your company. For example, you can capture the mood in the company through regular employee surveys and target agreement discussions and derive appropriate measures for employee retention from this.

Establishing new locations

The pharmaceutical industry is an internationally oriented sector and it is not uncommon for companies in this sector to set up new locations, branches or subsidiaries in other countries. As a personnel consultancy, we support you as a global company in gaining a foothold here in Germany and take over the complete personnel management at the new location for you - this also includes the recruitment from the management to the specialists for the various departments.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Since our beginnings in 1993, we have been supporting companies in the pharmaceutical industry with questions and problems relating to HR. In almost 30 years as a personnel consultancy for pharmaceutical companies, we have been able to gather a great deal of experience in the industry and have accompanied our clients through the various development steps and changes.

As an HR consultancy, we also accompany companies in the field of medical technology, which has evolved from the pharmaceutical industry Here.

Our work as a headhunting agency and personnel consultancy is double-checked and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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