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In medical technology, the availability of good specialists is limited. As a personnel consultancy, we support you in the search for and selection of suitable specialists and executives, but also in the retention of top performers and the further development of internal potentials, so that you as a company can position yourself well in terms of personnel.

As an HR consultancy, we have counted medical technology among our key sectors since our beginnings in 1993 - we know the industry well and have a deep understanding of the various specialist areas and challenges. Here we describe how we perceive and understand medical technology, also in connection with the pharmaceutical industry Here.

We offer a full service in the field of HR

As an HR consultancy, we see ourselves as your temporary external HR department and offer our expertise in all HR-related matters - from recruitment and talent management to the implementation of suitable management processes and communication structures.

In addition, we support global medical technology groups in setting up new branches, locations and dependencies here in Germany and take over the complete HR management.

Recruiting medical technology specialists and managers

Today, medical technology is used in all areas of the health sector and is becoming increasingly important in diagnostics, therapy, care and rehabilitation. The various specialist areas within medical technology for which specialists are needed are correspondingly diverse.

With the help of suitable personnel marketing measures and employer branding we support you in recruiting specialists and experts for the various fields. These come from very different disciplines such as medicine, engineering or the natural sciences sector.

In case these measures are not sufficient, our headhunters for medical technology are happy to assist with recruitment through active sourcing and direct search Here.

Making the right personnel selection

After a successful search, you as a company ideally have to choose from a selection of candidates. Our personnel consultants support you in this process by carrying out individually adapted aptitude tests or assessment centres, thus helping you to identify the best-fit candidate. In this way, you can also legitimise your decision internally and secure it legally.

Mastering the shortage of skilled workers through internal personnel development

In the highly competitive medical technology sector, it is usually not enough to overcome the need for skilled workers by recruiting external specialists. In order to be well-positioned in the long term, a company must also train and develop new specialists and managers internally. We support you in implementing appropriate measures and processes and in providing further training.

Long-term successful talent management also includes identifying the potential of employees and high professionals and enabling and implementing individual development measures. Our human resources consultants also support you in setting up appropriate processes.

Professionalising personnel management

As a full-service personnel consultancy, we also provide support in the area of leadership. We develop clear roles and areas of responsibility with your managers and department heads so that they can master their tasks as executives with personnel responsibility.

In this context, we also analyse and optimise your management processes and communication structures to enable efficient working across the different hierarchical levels and departments. If necessary, we implement appropriate tools such as regular employee surveys, annual employee appraisals and target agreement meetings so that you can motivate your employees and, above all, your top performers and bind them to the company.

Setting up new locations - your temporary personnel office

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH also support you in setting up new locations. If you come to Germany with a business plan, we will take over the complete personnel management for you, including recruitment, setting up the structures and processes and, if you wish, also the payroll service.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH support companies from various sectors of the industry, such as software companies but also those that develop and produce medical devices or reagents.

The industry, which originally emerged from the pharmaceutical industry , has continued to develop over the last 30 years and today combines various fields of natural science and medicine with technical know-how.

Our knowledge of the industry enables us to provide you with professional and high-quality advice. Our services are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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