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As headhunters for the medical technology, we have a deep understanding of the different areas of the industry and know which requirements the candidates have to fulfil for the different positions. On the other hand, we analyse the candidates in a differentiated manner during the application process and evaluate them at the end with regard to their suitability. This "double view" enables us to quickly present you with suitable target persons.

Medical technology means diversity

The field of medical technology is large and indispensable in almost all areas of health, from the diagnosis and therapy of diseases to the care and rehabilitation of elderly and disabled people.

Medical technology combines technical know-how with the medical expertise of doctors. The specialist areas for which we recruit candidates are correspondingly diverse. Typical job profiles include engineering, computer science and various scientific disciplines.

Headhunting medical technology - Direct search via three channels

If you entrust us as a headhunting agency with filling a vacancy, we rely on active sourcing, professional and personal direct search as well as executive search. We approach candidates in the traditional way outside on the streets, but also recruit via telephone and online direct search. By addressing potential candidates for a position personally, we achieve a high level of response.

In addition, we can draw on our internal and tested pool of candidates. We have built up this pool over the last 28 years and today it provides an excellent basis for our work as a headhunting agency.

Target profiling for best-fit candidates

However, before we approach potential candidates for your position, we create a target profile together with you. This consists of the required professional competences and other skills needed for the advertised position. By comparing this target profile with the profiles of the candidates, we ensure to present suitable applicants to you only.

At this point, the process may reveal that you are actually looking for a specialist in the field of pharmaceuticals. As a headhunting agency, we have also been active in this segment for many years and would be happy to support you in recruiting in the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more Here.

If you want to know exactly, in which specialist areas of medical technology we are active, how we view the industry and how we distinguish it from the pharmaceutical industry, Here.

Medical technology - an international industry

In the medical technology industry, patient protection is a top priority and product safety plays an important role. For this reason, products are standardised both nationally and internationally and are subject to strict safety regulations.

Because of this, most companies in the medical technology sector are internationally oriented. Therefore, we offer our services as headhunters globally, to support international companies in the recruitment of personnel and help them to establish German locations.

Executive Search in Medical Technology

Medical technology is a growing and dynamic industry with a multitude of investments and strategic opportunities. In order to survive, companies need the right executives in the various fields. We as a headhunting agency support you in recruiting your captains. For us, this includes not only the executive and management board, but also the heads for specialist departments. You can find out more about our work as headhunters for executives Here.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Since our foundation in 1993, we have been working according to the principles presented here and have been able to gain experience over many years. At the same time, we are constantly developing our direct search strategies and can thus boast a placement rate of 90 percent. Our quality in direct search is tested and certified according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015 and SGB III. In addition, we always pay attention to the protection of your data in our work and never pass it on without your consent.

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