HR Consulting Energy Environment

As a HR consultancy for energy and the environment, we support energy supply companies from the private sector and public administration as well as companies from the waste and water management sectors in all HR management issues.

As an external temporary HR office, we provide support in the evaluation of old HR processes as well as the planning and implementation of new ones. We take care of the recruitment of new employees, the retention and motivation of your top performers as well as talent management and management development. In addition, we carry out selection procedures for advertised vacancies, if required. As a HR consultancy for energy and environment, we offer a full service for our clients.

In addition to the energy, waste and water industries, our clients also include companies from other sectors such as engineering or the construction and real estate industries, as the topics of energy and environmental management are becoming increasingly important here as well.

Employer Branding - Positioning Your Own Brand

In line with this basic idea of "full service", we start as a HR consultancy with the evaluation of your brand essence. Together with you as a company, we develop various measures of employer branding and HR marketing so that you can position yourself as an attractive employer on the market. These measures form the basis for all further processes of recruiting as well as retaining and motivating qualified professionals and managers.

Employee motivation and talent management

In order to retain employees in the long term, it is not enough to position yourself as an attractive employer. As a HR consultancy for energy and environment, we therefore support you in developing and implementing further measures to motivate your employees.

These include tools such as regular appraisal interviews, employee surveys or target agreement meetings, which give you as a company the opportunity to map the mood of your employees and to react if necessary. In addition, you bind your specialists and managers to your company through regular communication of goals, wishes and opportunities for further development.

Furthermore, talent management is an important component of employee retention and motivation and is also important for the success of your company. Our HR consultants therefore work with you to develop new concepts for talent management and implement them for and with you. In this way, you as a company are well positioned in the long term and at the same time offer your employees prospects within the company.

Support in Recruiting External Talent

Companies facing major changes or expansion are often no longer able to cover their personnel requirements for qualified specialists and managers internally - not even through structured talent management. In such cases, our HR consultants for environment and energy support you with appropriate HR marketing measures to attract qualified personnel.

If you, as a company, are unable to find the desired candidates through job advertisements and HR marketing, our headhunters for energy and environment Energie und Umwelt) will be happy to take on the recruitment by means of direct search and executive search on the market and within our in-house candidate pool.

Identifying the Best-Fit Candidate for Your Position

You as a company usually have a selection of different candidates for a vacancy and are now faced with the challenge of having to make a decision. This is a great challenge both in the private sector and especially in the public sector - different requirements have to be met and the legal framework has to be adhered to.

As a full-service HR consultancy, we have been assisting companies in the energy and environmental sector with this step of personnel planning for many years and support them in their personnel decisions with individually developed aptitude tests or assessment centres. In this way, you can not only identify the most suitable candidate, but also legitimise your decision internally and secure it legally.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Since our foundation in 1993, our HR consultants have been supporting companies in the energy and environmental sector in all HR management issues. Our approach is based on the knowledge and principles of psychology and business administration - by combining both, we are able to understand and advance the people and the industry.

Our working methods and approaches to evaluating, planning and implementing HR tools and processes are regularly externally audited. We are a DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III certified HR consultancy and headhunting agency.

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