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The digital economy sector is one of our focus areas as a headhunting agency and we have been working with companies from this sector since our beginnings. Back then, we still talked about headhunting for IT and mainly supported manufacturers in their search for suitable personnel.

Development through Digitalisation

As the industry has changed through digitalisation, these companies have evolved into system houses and software groups that now offer a wide range of services and technologies and are regular clients for recruitment assignments.

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have followed this development in the digital economy and have gained experience by working together with the companies. As a result, we can now draw on over 28 years of experience in the industry. You can find out in detail about our work as headhunters for the digital economy here here.

Digital Economy - Exciting Industry and Challenging Recruitment

The digital economy sector is very diverse and digital solutions are used in almost all areas of the industry today. As a headhunting agency, we cover all of these fields - recruitment is correspondingly diverse and demanding.

Digital Economy - the Future is already here

Companies in the digital economy sector develop for example applications for various fields. These "smart services" - the intelligent processing and use of big data - have become indispensable in today's economy. Industry 4.0 with the digitalised and now also networked production chains is becoming the standard in many sectors. The corresponding information and communication technology is needed.

Data as the New Currency

Furthermore, data is becoming increasingly important and is now the most significant assat in the economy. Entire companies have specialised in offering software solutions that collect and link data. And with artificial intelligence the economy is already in the midst of the next development step.

The Man and Machine Team

The topic of robotics also belongs in this field. Not only are workers being replaced by machines, but the cooperation between man and machine is also gaining in importance, for example to optimise production.

Diversity and Dynamics

In addition to the diversity of the sector described above, there is a lot of dynamism in the industry and especially a lot of movement in the candidate market. New developments and trends can be observed all the time, which pose challenges to companies, allow new companies to grow or undermine existing companies.

That is why we at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH not only provide support in recruiting suitable specialists and managers, but also offer services as personnel consultants and help with processes relating to personnel and management. You can find out more here.

Digital Economy in the Various Sectors

The digital economy is not only an industry in its own right, but has also an impact on many other industries, for example on medical technology. Here, treatments and therapies are becoming more and more personalised with the help of digital solutions. As a headhunting agency, we have many years of experience in segment of medical technology as well. You can find out more here more here.

Digital production chains - Manufacturing 4.0 - are also being used in many different industries, such as car manufacturing. Also in these companies directly the right personnel are needed for implementation and a smooth process. As headhunters, we also provide recruitment support at this field at this field.

Digital Transformation instead of Digitalisation

In all of these areas presented above, it is no longer just about digitalisation per se, but digital transformation is the goal.

Digital transformation means that processes are not simply digitised - because that is usually not very useful - but that effective and efficient digital solutions are found that fit the company and do justice to the individual tasks. This is the current major challenge across all industries - but especially in the digital economy.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

As a headhunting agency, we are located in Hamburg's Hafencity and thus directly in one of Germany's major metropolises. Due to our central location we have direct access to the companies we support in their personnel search - nationally as well as internationally.

Our team of permanent employed headhunters and personnel consultants combines expertise from various fields and we attach great importance to sustainable and high-quality working methods. Our services as a headhunting agency are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III and we pay close attention to the protection of your data.

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