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Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH is a headhunting agency from Hamburg, established in Germany since 1993. We have specialised in personnel recruitment through active sourcing, direct approach and 1:1 executive search.

As an owner-managed agency for headhunting, we support European companies from Hamburg in the initial staffing and also the succession planning of managing directors, management board as well as managerial positions.

Headhunting agency - specialists for direct search in Europe

From Hamburg, we as a headhunting agency support our clients with executive search and active sourcing for candidates. The North German metropolis offers the ideal technological conditions for our services. Hamburg is an internationally networked city and the hub of German industry and European trade.

Our industry sectors

Due to our location in the Hafencity, we are close to the companies and industries. Over the past decades, we have been able to build up a network and gain experience in the key sectors of Germany as a technological location.

Headhunters for engineering and technical professions

As a modern agency, we have experienced an intensive demand for our headhunting competences in recent years, with a focus on engineering and technical professions in electrical engineering, telecommunications and the recruitment of IT-EDP specialists and executives.

As a headhunting agency, we also serve the pharmaceutical and medical technology sector. Here, Germany is one of the leading locations and the demand for international specialists is high. Our recruiters have a deep understanding of the industry and can therefore quickly fill key positions with the right specialists.

Headhunting agency for the public sector

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH are broadly positioned across various industries and specialist areas. For us, this also includes the public sector. Here, our recruiters undertake the headhunting of experts, specialists and managers in engineering and healthcare for a wide range of public organisations at federal, state and local government level.

Headhunting Agency Services for Healthcare

The work for us as a headhunting agency has changed dramatically in recent years. Our recruiters are no longer only asked for positions at the executive or management level. A large field of Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH today is also the health care sector. In particular, we provide support with our headhunting services for medical and managerial positions as well as for specialists in the care industry.

Full-service Headhunting agency

Our services as a headhunting agency cover the entire process of recruiting to fill important vacancies. Our expertise goes beyond the above-mentioned industries.

As a headhunting agency we offer a full-service. Together with our clients, we develop a target profile. This is then matched with the candidates we approach via direct search and active sourcing. In this way we guarantee to present you with suitable candidates only, after a preliminary selection.

As a headhunting agency, we also offer complete application management. In addition, our permanent personnel consultants also accompany you during selection procedures and take over the rejection management. You can find out more about the services of our personnel consultants Here.

Certified agency for headhunting

For us as a company, the high quality of our work is important and we attach great importance to transparency towards our clients. Our services are independently audited annually and are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III. In addition, we pay attention to the protection of your data in our work. We do not pass on any information to third parties without obtaining your consent.

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