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Our recruiters have been supporting companies in their search for suitable specialists and executives as well as junior executives and managing directors since 1993. Our clients come from the engineering sector, healthcare sectors, the digital economy, public administration, the field of research, education and teaching as well as the sales and logistics sector with its call centres and contact centres.

As a recruitment agency, we are effective and professional in filling key positions at all levels of the hierarchy. With our team of permanent recruiters and many years of experience, we guarantee our clients fast results in the search for suitable candidates.

Focused search through target person profiling

The rapid success of our projects is based, among other things, on our target person profiling. In cooperation with the client, we create a target profile that the candidate should fulfil. This profile specifies the qualifications required for a vacancy as well as other sought-after skills.

Active sourcing and direct search

With the help of this target profile, we identify suitable candidates on the market, but also within our own candidate pool, who meet the requirements and actively approach them directly.

As a recruitment agency, we still approach candidates in the traditional way at events, but we also make contact by telephone and digitally. By addressing the candidates individually and in a personalised manner, we achieve a high response rate.

Recruiters support with selection procedures

Candidates who show interest in the vacancy during the direct search are assessed by our recruiters with regard to their suitability. In a preliminary interview, we ensure that the application documents are complete and compare them again with the target profile. Only if we classify a candidate as suitable for the position will you, as the client, receive the documents.

As a company, you are then faced with the challenge of having to make a choice between the candidates recruited by us. As a recruitment agency, we are happy to support you with individually tailored selection procedures or personalised aptitude tests to help you make your decision. In this way, you can not only identify the best-fit candidate, but also legitimise your decision internally and secure it legally.

Professional rejection management

It goes without saying that our recruitment services also include professional rejection management. By letting us take care of this part for you, you can concentrate on your new employee.

Full-service recruitment - we provide support right up to the signing of the contract

As a full-service recruitment agency, our service does not end after we have found potential candidates and you have decided on a candidate. We also support you as a company during the contract and salary negotiations and accompany you as a moderator. Our work only ends when the contract has been signed by both parties. This way of working enables us to find a long-term solution that is satisfactory for both parties in most cases.

We are a double certified recruitment agency

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH attach great importance to working on a scientific basis. That is why the fields of psychology and business administration form the foundation of our processes. All our recruiters are academically trained and permanently employed, which allows us to draw on a broad knowledge base and a great deal of experience.

In addition, we our work gets regularly audited externally and we are double-certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III. Furthermore, we attach importance to working in compliance with the DSGVO and in accordance with the AGG and Article 3 GG. With our expertise as a recruitment agency, we are happy to support more diversity in companies.

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