Digital Employee Survey

A digital employee survey is a suitable tool to record employee satisfaction and employee motivation, but also to query special topics. By allowing your employees to anonymously and easily express their opinion on selected topics via digital means, you as HR department and management get a clear picture of the motivation and mood in your organisation.

As an HR consultancy, we have been supporting companies from different sectors and of different sizes in the planning, implementation and evaluation of such digital employee surveys for many years. Many of our clients have introduced this measurement tool with us as a standard and conduct surveys with us at regular intervals. This enables long-term monitoring of satisfaction and motivation, measurement of developments and also control of implemented improvement measures.

Cause for Employee Surveys

If you as a company commission us to conduct an employee survey, we first define the aim or the reason for the survey. These can be very diverse and often go beyond a classic survey on general mood and satisfaction.

One special topic, for example, is a survey of the current training needs in your organisation. However, companies also approach us to capture employees' perspectives on employer branding and their understanding of the brand. In addition, leadership is often a component of an employee survey - here, satisfaction with managers, but also an assessment of processes, procedures and structures can be queried.

Another reason for a staff survey is specific occasions, such as crises, acute issues or upcoming strategic decisions. In these cases, it can be useful to gather the opinion and current mood in the organisation at short notice.

Science-Based & Professionally Implemented

Once our HR consultancy has worked with you to define the specific goal, the occasion and the exact topic, we use our academic knowledge of organizational psychology and business administration to develop indicators and measurement parameters for the survey. From this, we then formulate concrete open and closed questions that enable a quantitative and qualitative evaluation. We always keep the context of your company, your industry and your market in mind.

Once the questionnaire is ready, our IT specialists implement it technically and make it available to all employees who are to take part in the survey. Our IT ensures a smooth process and we are available for questions and problems during the implementation phase.

Qualitative Evaluation & Implementation of Concrete Actions

Once the survey has been completed, we will process the collected results so that we can evaluate and interpret them together with you in a workshop. Here, too, we work methodically and thus achieve evidence-based results from which we derive concrete measures and optimisation possibilities together with you. In this way, we succeed in improving employee satisfaction and employee motivation in a targeted manner on the basis of this knowledge.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

As an HR consultancy, we have been supporting companies from various sectors in the planning, implementation and evaluation of employee surveys since our foundation in 1993. Our permanently employed and academically trained team uses expertise from business administration and organisational psychology. Our structured working methods are externally audited and double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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