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As headhunting agency based in Hamburg's Hafencity we are centrally located in one of the hubs of trade traffic for Germany and Europe. We have been filling vacancies for transport and logistics companies since our beginnings in 1993 - our location gives us direct access to the industry.

Our clients include distributors, freight forwarders, cargo companies, airlines and shipping companies. In executive search, we look for the right managing directors and executives for our clients. Especially in the commercial area, in management, but also in financial accounting and distribution as well as in marketing, sales and services Here, there is a need for executives who are professionally competent. We find the right candidates for the various vacancies. Furthermore, we also recruit for inbound and outbound call and contact centres Here. Particularly in the B2B sector, experts with industry knowledge and specialist skills are sought.

Focused search through target person profiling

Before we start the actual direct search of candidates, we define together with you which tasks the position will entail and which skills and competences the candidates must bring with them. Our headhunters then use this target profile with the defined minimum requirements in the search in order to be able to proceed in a targeted and focused manner.

Active sourcing on the market and in internal candidate pool

In our broad-based search for potential candidates, we are not only digitally active, but also use our industry contacts and have access to our own candidate pool. We have built up and maintained this pool over the past 30 years as a headhunting agency - today it consists of a large number of proven experts as well as specialists and managers from various sectors.

This resource of contacts and candidate pool enables us to start the search quickly and usually leads to the first potential candidates for your vacancy.

Direct search via three channels

Once we have identified potential candidates with the help of the target profile, we begin to approach them directly. We still contact candidates in the traditional way on site, but also by telephone and digitally. As we attach great importance to thorough preliminary research and a personalised approach, our response rate is already very high at this stage.

An initial comparison of ideas and interests

If, after the first contact, the candidate expresses interest in your vacancy, we usually first conduct a more in-depth telephone conversation with the candidate. We compare the target profile with the now complete application documents and ask about their expectations and ideas for the position.

Only if our headhunters have the impression after this interview that the candidate fits the vacancy and your team both professionally and personally, will we forward the application to you. This means that you will only see checked and complete documents - we will take over the rejection management in all other cases.

Up to this point, a concealed search is possible, if required, in which we only name you as the company after the candidate has been checked and only after DSGVO-compliant approval from your side.

Support until the contract is signed

Our first goal is always to present you with at least three potential candidates. However, our services as a headhunting agency go beyond the mere recruitment of candidates and also include support in the selection of the best-fit candidate. If required, we can conduct customised aptitude tests or assessment centres for you - so that you, as management or HR department, can legally secure your decision.

In addition, we also accompany the contract and salary negotiations and act as a moderator between you as a company and the candidate. As a full-service provider, we support you until the contract has been signed by both parties.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have been supporting companies in the transport and logistics sector in their search for suitable candidates for almost 30 years. In doing so, the combination of the fields of psychology and business administration has proven to be the basic pillars.

Nevertheless, our team of permanent employed headhunters is constantly improving and developing the approaches to our work in recruitment - this is how we can consistently boast a placement rate of over 90 percent.

Our services as a headhunting agency are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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