Headhunter Energy & Environmental Sector

With the discussion on climate change and the issue of sustainability, the topics of energy management and environmental management are becoming increasingly important in all industries. Accordingly, companies from various sectors are looking for suitable specialists and managers to meet these challenges and to develop and open up projects or business fields in this subject area.

Our experienced headhunters assist in recruiting the right specialists and executives for these projects. With the help of active sourcing and direct contacting, we find the right candidates for your key positions, who know your industry with all its special features, have the necessary technical knowledge and at the same time bring innovative approaches.

In view of this development, our clients today include in particular public sector organisations (LINK Landingapges Stellen oeffentlicher Dienst), but also companies from the construction and real estate industries Here as well as the engineering sector Here with topics such as urban planning, urban development and also environmental and traffic planning.

Waste Management - Energy Management - Water Management

As headhunters for energy and the environment, we also count companies in the waste management as well as the energy and water industries among our clients - and have done so since our foundation in 1993. The sector for energy supply includes companies that generate energy on the one hand and infrastructure service providers that distribute energy on the other. These two sectors were divided up by the EU to ensure competition.

In Germany, municipal and regional companies still exist alongside the large energy companies. Our headhunters for energy and the environment have been successfully recruiting for the energy supply sector for almost 30 years and also support the search for suitable specialists and managers at the municipal level.

Setting the Focus for Active Sourcing

In such a dynamic and rapidly developing sector and field, it is particularly important to clearly define which tasks are associated with the advertised position and which competences and skills the candidate must have. In cooperation with you as the client, we therefore define the minimum requirements for the candidate with the help of so-called target person profiling - this enables us to conduct a focussed search.

We then use this target profile to identify suitable candidates - in what is known as active sourcing, we research the market directly, but also use our contacts in the industry and our internal pool of candidates.

Direct Contacting via Three Channels

Once we have identified the target persons, we approach them directly. Today, much of this is done digitally or over the phone - but we also recruit in the traditional way on site and approach candidates on site.

During direct contacting, we place a lot of emphasis on good background research in order to make it clear to potential candidates that we have taken a close look at their profile - this means that we can already record a high response rate at this point.

We Screen all Candidates

If a candidate expresses interest in the vacancy after the initial contact, we usually arrange an interview to find out the candidate's ideas and wishes and to compare these with the job offer and your ideas as a company. In this context, we also ask the applicants to complete their documents so that we can once again compare the entire profile with the target profile.

Only if we come to the conclusion that the candidate's professional skills, expectations and ideas match the vacancy and your company will we forward the documents to you. In this way, we only send you applicants who have been screened and fit your expectations. Our aim is always to present you with at least three suitable candidates for you to choose from.

We Accompany you until the Contract is Signed

Once several potential candidates have been found for a position, the first hurdle has been cleared. However, the final personnel decision is often not easy and public utilities and authorities in particular are faced with the challenge of having to comply with various regulations and ordinances. That's why our headhunters are happy to support you in the selection process with individually tailored aptitude tests or assessment centres - so you can legally secure your decision and legitimise it internally.

After the personnel decision, it's time for contract and salary negotiations. We accompany this process in a moderating capacity until both parties have reached an agreement and signed the contract.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

We have been supporting companies in the energy and environment sector since 1993. With our headquarters in Hamburg's Hafencity, we have direct access to the industry and can therefore recruit quickly and effectively for a position.

Our work as a headhunting agency is double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III. In addition, we pay attention to the protection of your data and always work in accordance with the DSGVO.

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