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As a headhunting agency for the real estate and construction industry, we have been supporting companies in the recruitment of executives and specialists for the various fields of the sector since 1993.

Our clients are general contractors, building cooperatives as well as engineering firms and architects. We also fill vacancies for hospital operators and public sector organisations - for example, in building offices and for building authorities.

We find the right specialists

As a headhunting agency, we offer classic executive search services and recruit suitable project managers, managing directors and executive managers for our clients.

In addition, we find specialists for the various fields of the real estate industry and construction engineering. Our headhunter team recruits architects, business economists, project managers and experts in areas such as fire protection, building safety, tendering and purchasing.

Permanent employment, project or interim management?

Our headhunters support our clients in the search for long-term personnel solutions, but also in recruiting for construction projects or for interim management positions. Which type of employment makes sense depends on various factors. The HR-model interim management is classically used in crises or also for the implementation of innovations.

For us as a headhunting agency, it is only important that the type of position is clearly defined in advance to enable a targeted search.

Effective direct search possible through target profiling

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH work with the so-called target person profiling when recruiting specialists and executives. We define a target profile in cooperation with our clients, in which we record what kind of skills and competences the candidate must have for a position.

By comparing the documents of the potential candidates with this target profile in the further headhunting process, we ensure that only really suitable candidates are presented to our clients.

Active sourcing and direct search

Once the requirements for the candidate and the general conditions of the position are clearly defined, we start searching for suitable candidates.

Through active sourcing on the market, but also in our internal candidate pool, we can quickly compile a list of target persons, who we then contact directly either on-site, by telephone or online.

By ensuring a personal approach when making contact and by only approaching people who fit the job and the target profile, we can already record a high success rate with a lot of positive feedback.

At least three candidates to choose from

After an initial contact, we interview the interested candidates, get to know them better and make an initial comparison of interests. By pre-selecting candidates for our clients, we take the pressure off them and at the same time enable a covert search.

Only if we have the feeling after this interview that the candidate could be a good match for the position and also for the client, do we pass on concrete information about the company in order to subsequently bring client and candidate together. We call this "the wedding". Our aim is always to present at least three suitable candidates to our clients.

If required, we also provide support in the further process, for example in the selection of candidates and conduct assessment centres, among other things. Find out more about our services as a personnel consultancy Here.

Contrast of business management and A&O psychology

Our team of permanent employed headhunters combines expertise from various disciplines. However, our foundations come from the two contrasting disciplines of psychology and business administration, which gives us a broad and comprehensive view of the market but also of the candidates.

The Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Our owner-managed company, based in Hamburg's Hafencity, has been recruiting specialists and managers in the real estate industry and construction engineering since 1993. In these almost 30 years, we have continuously improved our qualified and structured working methods and have thus been able to boast a placement rate of over 90 percent for many years.

In our work, we attach great importance to the protection of our clients' and candidates' data and therefore always work in compliance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO). Our services as a headhunting agency are also audited and double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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