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As a personnel consultancy, we offer our services in the digital economy sector, among others. In doing so, our HR consultants see themselves as an extension of a company's internal HR department.

Our services as personnel consultants include the implementation of processes for personnel selection and recruitment, the conception of measures and tools for employee development, retention and motivation as well as the improvement of processes around the topic of leadership. The analysis and evaluation of existing processes and structures always plays a role in our work.

Digital economy as a dynamic industry

The digital economy is a very diverse industry, covering topics such as software solutions, robotics and also applications. In addition, digital solutions are also increasingly finding their way into other sectors, from medical technology to various segments of industry. You can find more about this Here.

In addition, there is a lot of movement in the industry and new trends and developments can be observed on the market continuously. Accordingly, companies have to change and adapt constantly. At the same time new companies join and old ones disappear.

We from Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH support companies in not only mastering these changes, but also in building processes that allow them to always react dynamically to new developments.

Our services as a personnel consultancy for the digital economy

We support HR departments, managing directors and heads of department in the digital economy and place great value on close cooperation in order to be able to develop individual solutions. In the following, we present the different areas in which we advise companies.

Selection and hiring processes

As a personnel consultancy, we support companies in planning and implementing suitable selection and recruitment processes. This includes, for example, aptitude tests or assessment centres. This is very relevant in the digital economy, as specialists and managers have to meet the constantly changing requirements. As a company, you can use these tools to ensure that an applicant fits the job and can meet the requirements.

However, if a company is already struggling with the recruitment of suitable applicants for a position, our headhunters can help to find suitable candidates for specialist or management positions. Learn more about our headhunting services Here.

Retaining and developing employees

As a company, it is usually not enough to recruit and select suitable staff, but it is also important to recognise and develop the potential of your own employees. Our HR consultants support companies in implementing appropriate processes to develop their own junior staff and optimise personnel planning.

Keeping an eye on the mood in your company is also part of employee retention and motivation. This can be achieved, for example, through regular employee surveys or employee appraisals. We support you in setting up the processes and structures for this.

About leadership

For a functioning team with motivated employees, you need not only suitable specialists, but also the right leaders and managers. We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH support companies in the reorganisation and realignment of communication processes, leadership culture and leadership processes.

Digitalisation and digital transformation

As an HR consultancy, we not only support companies from the digital economy, but also know about the importance of digitalisation and digital transformation in the above-mentioned areas. Many companies are faced with the challenge of digitalising their structures for personnel and leadership, some of which have grown over years.

As a headhunting agency, we have set ourselves the goal of not only supporting digitalisation, but also bringing about a digital transformation. This means that we do not simply want to convert existing processes into digital structures, but optimise them for this purpose and develop new, effective processes. Our common goal is long-term solutions around the topic of personnel and leadership through a digital transformation.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

The owner-managed company was founded in 1993. Since the beginning, we have been advising companies in the digital economy and can thus draw on over 28 years of experience in this field. In addition, we are also active in other sectors, such as healthcare, the public sector, construction and real estate, research, education and training, as well as pharmaceutical and medical technology.

Our services as headhunters and also our HR services are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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