As a personnel consultancy, we are often only commissioned to fill a vacancy when companies or organisations have already invested a lot of money in advertisements. One of the reasons is that there is a great deal of uncertainty and scepticism about the seriousness of headhunters.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH as a fair contractual partner

As a headhunting agency, we attach great importance to a close and trusting cooperation with our clients. We work request-based and with fair and transparent contracts without gag clauses. While we are looking for suitable candidates, you should of course keep your eyes and ears open at the same time. The successful filling of vacancies is our common goal.

We know your market

Since our foundation in 1993, we at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH have acquired in-depth industry know-how and are close to the companies we work for. This is also the basis of our internal candidate pool, which we have been able to build up over almost 30 years due to our proximity to the market. By maintaining and reviewing these contacts on a regular basis, we have created a good foundation for our work.

Our headhunting process

Our recruiting process comprises three main areas: focussed direct search with target profiles, the active direct search itself and the candidate management with selection processes.

Focused direct search with profiling

When we as a headhunting agency, are entrusted by a client with the recruitment for a position, we first collect all the key data of the job offer. This includes, among other things, the professional requirements of the advertised position. This information results in an ideal profile, which we use to focus on suitable candidates only.

At the same time, we scan and analyse the target market in which the vacancy is to be filled. By updating our industry experience for each assignment and thus always being informed about new market players, topics and technologies of today and tomorrow, we succeed even better in addressing candidates in a focused and targeted manner.

Active direct search - three ways to success

Once we have created the target profile and updated our knowledge of the market, we move on to the next phase and actively approach potential candidates. To do this, we select from our internal pool of candidates as well as through active sourcing in the market, by phone and online.

By working with profiling and analysing both the requirements of the candidates and the market in detail, we ensure that we only approach really suitable candidates who are on a par with the current topics and technologies on the market.

Candidate management and selection process

Before we present a pre-selection of candidates to the client, we conduct an initial interview with them and make a further selection based on our experience and the ideal profile. Only then do suitable candidates become applicants and a written release of data takes place in accordance with DSGVO (german data protection regulation) and the company receives the complete application documents that we have checked.

If desired, we can also provide support with the aptitude diagnostics of the applicants and a selection process, such as the implementation of an assessment centre. In addition, we support during contract and salary negotiations and assist with the initial training during the first few weeks.

Transparency and visibility through regular reports

Throughout the entire recruiting project, we regularly report on the status of our work and keep our clients informed of developments. In this way, our approach is transparent for them and they have an overview of the situation. In the event that the response is too low, there is then the option of using additional personnel marketing.

Recruitment for key positions at all levels

As headhunters for the healthcare sector, the public sector, construction and real estate, the digital economy, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, as well as research, education and teaching, we assist in filling positions at all hierarchical levels. We recruit specialists and help with the appointment of new or successor executives or management positions.

Conclusion - headhunter or job advertisement?

All in all, the term "headhunting" is a large process in which, in our case, a complete team of professional personnel consultants actively search for the perfect candidate for a position over a period of several months.

The basic costs are comparable to the costs of a job advertisement in a relevant professional medium. So if you ask yourself when the support of a headhunter makes sense, you could say: as soon as a job advertisement becomes necessary. And at the latest when the demand for corresponding specialists in a market is greater than the supply, the chances of success with an advertisement are very low.

Double protection clause

As a fair contractual partner, it is also a matter of course for us to strive for long-term solutions for our clients. This means that we do not poach employees or the candidates we place. Nevertheless, it can of course happen that candidates leave the company again after a short period of time - for us, however, they are automatically blocked from new search assignments.

As a headhunting agency, we would of course be pleased if this loyalty and trust were reciprocal and not only did we recruit for our clients in the long term, but they also hired us again for new vacancies.

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