Headhunter Mechanical Engineering

As Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH, we have been recruiting specialists, experts and managers in the field of mechanical engineering and plant engineering since 1993. Our permanent headhunter team primarily supports companies from the engineering sector, but also from other industries, in their search for suitable candidates for a vacancy in this specialist area.

In order to make the recruitment process as effective as possible, we define the minimum requirements for the candidate during the so-called target person profiling. This target profile defines the required education as well as desired further training and professional experience. This is particularly important in the field of mechanical and plant engineering, as graduated engineers often take on leadership or management positions at some point in their careers and many employers require further training for this.

In addition to qualifications, other aspects can also be defined in the target profile. For example, a growing number of companies want to employ more women in technical professions - if necessary, we adjust our recruitment accordingly and focus explicitly on female mechanical engineers during active sourcing and direct search.

Three-Way Direct Search

With the target profile, our experts for headhunting in mechanical engineering then start active sourcing on the market and identify suitable candidates for the vacancy. As an experienced headhunting agency, we can also draw on our own pool of candidates, which enables us to start the search quickly.

This is followed by active direct contact with the identified target persons. Our headhunters for mechanical engineering and plant construction not only approach candidates digitally and by telephone, but also conduct direct contact in person at industry events. By using all three methods of direct contact, we reach many qualified mechanical engineers and can usually provide you as a company with at least three suitable candidates for a vacancy.

No Candidate Without a Check

Before we send the names and documents of potential candidates to you as a company, we check them thoroughly. We check the applicant's CV, references and background and verify the information in a 1:1 call. We also check whether the candidate is a good match for you and whether your company matches the candidate's expectations and wishes. In addition, we check the application documents for completeness and compare them with the target profile. In this way, our headhunters for mechanical engineering ensure that we only send you suitable candidates for the vacancy.

Assessment Centre or Selection Procedure - We Realise Best-Fit-Selection

Many of our clients in the mechanical engineering and plant construction sectors also commission us to carry out a selection process following the recruitment of candidates. With the help of individually adapted assessment centres or aptitude tests, our HR consultants support you in identifying the best-fit candidate for the vacancy. In addition, you as a manager or HR department can thus legitimise your decision internally and safeguard it legally in accordance with the General Equal Opportunities Act (AGG), the Second Management Positions Act and Article 33 of the German Constitution.

Contract and Salary Negotiations - We are there for You

As a headhunting agency for mechanical engineering and plant engineering, we offer a full service. Accordingly, we also see it as our responsibility to ensure that the employment contracts are signed by both parties after fair negotiations.

Therefore, our headhunters for mechanical engineering and plant construction also accompany the contract and salary negotiations and, if necessary, moderate the talks. In this way, we want to ensure above all that both partners are satisfied with the result and that a long-term solution can be found.

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH has been offering headhunting services in the fields of mechanical engineering and plant engineering since the company was founded in 1993. Accordingly, our experts for direct search know the industry well with its structures and market players. In addition, we have been able to build up a broad network of industry contacts in almost 30 years of experience - our qualitative pool of candidates continues to grow even today.

With our headquarters at the entrance to Hamburg's Hafencity, we as a headhunting agency also have access to the international companies in the industry and accordingly also offer the recruitment of specialists and executives throughout Europe or globally.

Our structured processes are regularly audited externally - we are double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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