At the end of last year, an innovative and unique digital healthcare company, which has successfully developed a nursing service and billing software, was looking for a new sales manager for the company's location in northern Germany. The manager will assume overall responsibility for sales in Germany at the Europe-wide start-up. The experts at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH for executive search were called upon to find suitable managers for active market development.

Strong Target Profiling and Focused Direct Search

The experienced headhunters from the Hamburg-based executive search consultancy prepared themselves extensively for the direct search for this particular position and researched the industry, company and vacancy in depth. Based on this strong profiling with a clear picture of sales position, the software of the company, the target market and the competition, the recruiters started the targeted direct approach.

Executive Search for Suitable Managers

To this end, the HR consultants intensively researched the market and the client's competitors for suitable candidates and contacted them digitally, by phone and in person during the executive search. By professionally approaching top managers, several highly qualified applications were generated for the vacancy in the start-up. The position has now been filled, putting the high-tech company in an ideal position in the market.

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