Companies in the private sector as well as public service corporations have set themselves the task of employing more women in leadership positions and in management. With the Second Executive Positions Act in Germany, there is now also some time pressure and employers are looking for support in recruiting female managers to improve their starting position in the application process.

Executive Search and Direct Search of Female Managers

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH already has experience in the targeted recruitment of women and has been supporting companies as well as public service organisations in building up a management and specialist team with equal representation for many years.

For this purpose, the headhunters place an explicit focus on female executives and managers during the direct search and executive search in order to provide the clients with a selection of qualified female candidates for the further application process. In addition to the many years of experience, the company's internal and very extensive pool of female executives and managers is also an advantage of the Hamburg-based company.

Due to this expertise, Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH was explicitly commissioned by a university to recruit two female professors in the field of natural sciences. Through an effective direct search, the headhunters ensured that the upcoming appointment procedure could be carried out with a suitable and qualified pool of female applicants.

Parity Team Ensures Equality

A special feature and also another advantage of Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH for the recruitment of women is also the composition of the team: In the Hamburg-based company, both the management and the permanent team of headhunters and HR consultants are made up of equal numbers of women and men. In addition, the agency also guarantees an equal commission of psychologists for selection procedures.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH:

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH has been recruiting women and men for management positions in the public sector since 1993, but also for companies from the German SME sector, engineering, healthcare, as well as the IT and digital economy sectors.

As a headhunting agency that works in accordance with Article 33 GG as well as AGG- and DSGVO-compliant, the Hamburg-based company pays attention to structured processes and procedures. These are regularly audited externally - Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH is double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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