Female Academics with Doctorates in Research, Education and Teaching Wanted

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH are experts for recruitment in the higher education and education sectors and with 28 years of experience in the search for qualified executives in the fields of information technology, culture and health care, we have once again received a search mandate from the higher education sector.

HTW Berlin with new paths - new branches

With these new fields of study, the established university is taking innovative paths and combines computer science with the humanities on the one hand and healthcare on the other. The two wanted professors (m/f/d) will be responsible for teaching in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the innovative subject areas and will act as experts at the interface between technology and professionalism in this modern career profile for computer scientists

Active contribution to the development of the university

The professors are expected to teach basic computer science courses and also to participate in the development of the university within the framework of academic self-administration. Further information on the professorships can be found under "Cultural Informatics" and "Health Informatics".

Female applicants wanted

The HTW Berlin, holder of the Total-E-Quality award, hopes that the realignment of the professorships will not only attract more female teachers and researchers with doctorates or habilitations, but also will inspire more female students to take up STEM courses - and to study at the university in Berlin.

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