Finding the perfect candidate for a position is often not easy. That's when headhunters provide support in the search for the right candidates.

We from Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH, a headhunting agency based in Hamburg, have been working as a personnel consultant in the education sector since the beginning of the company. In 2020, we successfully filled various positions in this field. Among others, the president of a university, course leaders for health professions and directors of technical colleges in the health sector. Our many years of experience in the health sector have certainly been helpful.

Research, education and teaching: a broad field

One challenge in the various assignments for us was the broad range of disciplines. The applicants had to be able to demonstrate different professional competences and key qualifications for the various positions.

Head of a medical school

This vacancy for the management of a vocational school was about succession planning for the professional management. The focus of the search had to be placed accordingly. By carefully screening the candidates, our headhunters made sure that they really fit the corresponding position. In this case, the client decided on a candidate from a medical function.

The situation was different for the head of a training academy for health care professions. Since the focus of the academy is on nursing, a candidate from the field of nursing education was hired in the end.

President of a university filled

Furthermore, in 2020 we from Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH supported finding a successor for the president of a university for sustainable development. We put together a pre-selection of candidates for the client through active sourcing and direct search. Through an appointment process, the position was filled with a suitable candidate.

Headhunting also for course leaders and teaching staff

But our headhunting goes beyond the executive and management level. We offer our services also for the search for course instructors, health professions and other special teaching staff.

2021: new assignments, new challenges

Currently, we are recruiting candidates for a nursing school that is to be completely reoriented and structured with the help of the new management. Furthermore, we are in the process of recruiting female candidates for two professorships. The focus here is on the one hand on the relevant departments, but also on specifically addressing women.

Diversity is becoming increasingly important in erman companies and in the public sector. That is why headhunters are more and more being asked to recruit women explicitly. This is often not easy, especially for positions at management level. However, we are happy to use our expertise for this and support this development.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH:

Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH is based in Hamburg's Hafencity. Our agency provides support with headhunting via direct search and executive search in the education sector. In addition, we also offer services as a personnel consultant and help companies to select suitable candidates but also to recognise and promote the potential of their own employees.

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