Public sector organisations find themselves in a predicament with staff shortages when, despite repeated advertisements for a position, no suitable candidates can be found. This often holds up processes and developments in the institutions or companies, or stops them altogether.

This is where those responsible for personnel in public administration turn to our headhunter team to speed up the filling of a vacancy and to quickly overcome the shortage of specialists or managers and start projects.

Quickly Finding the Right Candidate

In 2021, we were again commissioned to fill vacancies for which previous advertisements had failed. As an established headhunting agency, this is not an unfamiliar situation for us, and our headhunters started their direct search and executive search on the market with the corresponding experience. Thanks to our excellent contacts in the industry and our internal pool of candidates, we are quickly ready for such assignments and able to quickly recruit potential candidates for a position.

All Candidates Recruited are Screened

We always aim to submit only truly suitable candidates to our clients. Therefore, we carefully check the documents of the identified and contacted candidates and clarify important key points in an initial telephone conversation.

Thanks to this structured and targeted approach, we usually succeed in submitting at least three suitable candidates for a position to our client within the 90-day period.

Full-Service Agency - We Support the Selection of the Best Candidates

However, our team is often faster than the 90 days and recruits more than three qualified candidates. This puts our clients in a position where a selection process becomes necessary. As a full-service agency, we also provide support here if required and develop individually adapted assessment centres or aptitude tests.

The conclusion of one client: Without the headhunting agency, the company would never have found so many and such qualified candidates - "the headhunters were a real asset.”

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