As a headhunting agency, our team of HR consultants recruits experts, specialists and managers for companies from a wide range of industries. Through intensive direct search and executive search, we usually quickly find at least three suitable candidates for a vacancy.

Nevertheless, companies often do not use a selection process to assess and scrutinise the individual management and soft skills competencies, in order to select the most suitable candidates.

Because a mere CV check by the HR department is often not enough to determine the exact fit, only the expertise of trained HR consultants as well as special testing, selection instruments and special tasks based on the requirement profile guarantee a selection for a sustainable filling of the position

Modular Configurable Selection Procedures

That is why we, as a full-service agency, offer support in this best selection process in order to strive for the best possible personnel solution for the vacant position. Depending on your needs, our human resources experts will carry out individual selection procedures tailored to the position, right up to comprehensive assessment centre procedures.

Our team of permanent and academically trained HR consultants has almost 30 years of experience in planning and conducting selection days - and not only prepares the tasks and questions for the candidates, but also trains the participating observers accordingly.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

As an experienced headhunting agency and HR consultancy that works in a structured manner and with externally audited processes, we pay close attention to compliance with legal requirements. The General Equal Opportunities Act (AGG), the newly passed Second Leadership Positions Act (II. FüPoG), the Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) and also Articles 3 and 33 of the German Basic Law are observed in all orders for selection procedures.

This means that our clients are legally protected in their personnel decisions and can master job placements and succession arrangements with a minimum of legal action. An assessment centre or selection procedure according to clear specifications also helps to legitimise the decision internally.

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