Our personnel consultants - with 27 years of experience in the nursing industry - currently support selected hospitals in several federal states in recruiting personnel for the nursing sector through modern job advertisement marketing, active digital addressing of the target group of health nurses, intensive care staff, ward managers and nursing experts as well as with professional applicant management and applicant communication.

Intensive care unit manager (m/f/d) wanted

Several hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are using our personnel consulting services to fill vacancies for ward managers in the fields of intensive care medicine and intermediate care wards.

Specialist hospitals and specialist clinics react with their personnel planning to the increased requirements and additional personnel needs in the nursing sector. Written job offers for ward managers are now filled with the help of our headhunters, because job advertisements barely get any response.

Nursing specialists (m/f/d) wanted

In addition to managing the vacancies for ward managers, we also support hospitals in recruiting nurses.

Job offers are checked by us and are only advertised for permanent positions. Job offers include comprehensive further training opportunities to be able to work as a nursing specialist in an intensive care unit.

Filling apprenticeship places in the nursing sector

In addition, the searching hospitals are expressly interested in recruiting applicants for apprenticeship positions with professional training as nurses (previously health and nursing staff or nurse) through our personnel consultants. Interested school leavers or career changers can obtain all the necessary information from us free of charge.

Your contact: Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH

Our personnel consultants are the first point of contact for all those interested in a job and provide applicants with further details about the various job offers. The applicant service for interested nursing and management staff is of course free of charge and until your own application is approved, everything remains under lock and key with us - strictly in accordance with GDPR guidelines.
Since 1993 we have been supporting the health care system in Germany in the areas of personnel marketing, personnel development as well as personnel recruitment and applicant management with our employed personnel consultants.

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