As a headhunting agency, we have been successfully filling medical vacancies for various employers and specialist areas for many years.

Currently, our headhunters for the healthcare sector are recruiting licensed physicians for a specialist clinic, a municipal hospital and various health authorities. Three of the employers would like the qualified physicians to pursue specialist training with them.

Approved Physician Specialising in Paediatrics - Neurology

A neurological paediatric clinic for children, adolescents and young adults with a neurological rehabilitation centre commissioned us to recruit a ward physician. The clinic treats neurological and neuropaediatric diseases, some of which are very rare, and the qualified physician will have the opportunity to get to know demanding patients and cutting-edge medicine under the leadership of a top head physician.

The clinic offers a permanent position and is explicitly looking for applicants who are interested in further training as a specialist in neurology or paediatrics. The head physician has all the necessary further training authorisations for the desired specialist qualifications.

Occupational Medicine Service - Licensed Physicians Human Medicine

A town in the South of Germany has also commissioned us to search for a licensed physician. They are looking for a physician in human medicine for the occupational health service, which is located in the municipal hospital and is responsible for the occupational health care of all employees of the municipal administration.

It is also important to this public sector employer that applicants pursue further specialist training - in this case in the field of occupational medicine. The duties of the permanent position include assisting in the provision of occupational health care for the municipal administration, company inspections and advising on health and safety issues. In addition, the qualified physician in human medicine can help to shape occupational health management.

Children's and Adolescents' Medical Service

Another employer in the public sector has commissioned us to fill a vacancy in the paediatric and adolescent medical service.

The district administration in Lower Saxony would like the licensed physician of human medicine to have experience in the public health system and considers the implementation and monitoring of prevention and health promotion measures for children and adolescents, school entrance examinations as well as counselling of guardians and institutions on health promotion to be among the central tasks in the vacancy.

Here, too, the employer offers a permanent position and the possibility of further training as a specialist.

Applications from Foreign Physicians Welcome

As an international headhunting agency, we also welcome applications from physicians who have studied outside of Germany. For those interested, we have summarised here. how to obtain your licence as a physician in Germany.

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