When we as a headhunting agency are entrusted with a recruitment assignment, we work, among other things, with active personnel marketing and social media marketing. In doing so, we make the vacancy visible on our own job portal and in the business community. You have probably come across such a job posting during your research and are now considering whether you can apply without risk.

We experience quite often that applicants are very cautious about sending us their documents, as the whole topic of headhunting is met with a great deal of uncertainty and scepticism on the part of candidates. That's why we want to tell you here what happens when you apply to us for a specific vacancy.

Our promise: As a candidate, you are our client

When you apply to us, we see you as our client. Accordingly, you will be looked after by our personnel consultants, who at this point see themselves first and foremost as your career advisor.

Our service for you is based on this mission statement and we rely on transparent communication, confidentiality and the protection of your data and documents. This way we can talk to each other in confidence and act for your benefit by sorting out your professional interests together.

You signal your interest - what happens now?

When you contact us, it is initially sufficient to send us your CV and a central reference. These documents and also the fact that you want to reorient yourself professionally remain with us and are treated discreetly and confidentially.

We first check your "application light" and see whether you basically meet the requirements of the position. To do this, we compare your profile with the target profile of the client before giving you initial feedback on whether and how to proceed.

We say yes to you and help

If you have aroused our interest and we think that you are a good match for this specific search assignment, we will usually ask you for a telephone conversation.

During this conversation, we mainly check whether your wishes and ideas fit the job, clarify your questions and give you further information. Since headhunters traditionally search for candidates discreetly, we usually cannot tell you the name of the employer, but only communicate essential key data, such as the region, the type of employer and information on the nature of the job.

At the same time, we ask you to complete your application with the relevant references and other documents.

Your wishes and interests take centre stage

As we also see you as our customer, your professional security and future is especially important to us. That is why we also check in this step whether the vacancy suits you and corresponds to your wishes and ideas. If we have the impression that this is not the case, we communicate this openly to you. This is possible above all because we treat your documents confidentially at all times. However, this can now change - but only with your approval.

DSGVO firewall - the protection of your data

Up to this point, you as a candidate communicate exclusively with our recruiters and only we have access to your documents, which are protected in accordance with the DSGVO (german data protection regulation) and are not visible to the outside.

If you now express the wish to be considered in the further application process, we will obtain an individual release from you for the forwarding of your documents to the client.

Important: Individual releases for each application process

With us, each release is an individual release. This means that you give us permission to pass on your documents once to this specific company. We do not use this release for any other application process and protect your data from further use, especially from free minds on the internet.

The same happens with the client and you now also receive further information about the specific employer. We call this bringing together of client and candidate the "marriage process".

The interview

As a candidate, you are now in contact with the company that has the vacancy for the first time. However, our work does not end there.

As career and vocational counsellors, we will accompany you through the rest of the process and act as intermediaries. We support you in coordinating appointments for the job interview and prepare you for it by discussing with you what you need to bear in mind and what questions and topics you are likely to encounter.

If, after this last step, you as an applicant and the company find each other, we will accompany you during the contract and salary negotiations until the contract is signed by both parties. Only then is our work as a service provider complete.

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