For most candidates, the contact with our recruiters is their first contact with a headhunter ever. This is associated with a great deal of uncertainty and scepticism - many are concerned about whether they can trust us as a headhunting agency and what risks a conversation with us might entail.

In our experience, this is mostly due to the fact that many do not even know why a headhunter contacts you and what happens, when he does. We want to change that and report here on how we work with candidates.

We only work with search assignments

As a rule, we only contact you as a candidate if we have a specific search assignment for a position and want to recruit suitable candidates for it. But how do we find you?

This is how you come to our attention

When we are entrusted with a recruitment assignment, we start with a search and identify people who could fit a position. To do this, we create a target profile, which we compare with the profiles of potential candidates.

When we contact you - this can happen by phone, on site or online - you can assume that you fit the target profile of a specific search assignment.

Arouse curiosity - check interest

During the first contact, we first provide you with essential information about the specific job profile. Since headhunting is typically a discreet search, we are usually unable to give you the name of the employer. Nevertheless, you will receive essential key data from us, such as the region, the type of employer and initial information on the character of the position.

Once we have presented the job offer to you, you can express your interest or send us a rejection. In the event that you are generally interested in a change, but not in this specific job offer, there is the possibility that we will include you in our pool of candidates.

Expression of interest is not yet an application - Please send your CV

If you are interested in the specific position, we will ask you to send us your current curriculum vitae and, if applicable, the key certificates, such as your diploma as an engineer or licence to practise medicine as a specialist.

This is not an application at this point, but a concrete expression of interest on your part. We will treat this interest in the vacancy discreetly and confidentially and the information will not be passed on to third parties, not even to the client for the time being. This way we can sort things out together for your benefit.

Now it gets serious: exchange of further information

If, after a review of your documents, there is still interest on both sides, we usually continue with a telephone conversation and the completion of your application documents.

Your career is the focus here

In this phase we also check whether the job is a good fit for you and corresponds to your ideas and wishes. By comparing goals and expectations, we make sure that you as a candidate are happy with the job. Now we'll also talk about whether we're allowed to pass on your data.

DSGVO firewall - the protection of your data

Up to this point, you as a candidate communicate exclusively with our recruiters and only we have access to your documents, which are protected in accordance with the DSGVO (german data protection regulation) and are not visible to the outside.

If you now express the wish to be considered in the further application process, send us your individual release for the forwarding of your documents and personal data to the client.

Important: Individual approvals for each application process

For us, each release of your application file is an individual process and we need a single release each time in written form. We are obliged to provide you with proof of this. This means that you give us permission to pass on your documents to this specific company once, for this specific position only. We will not use this release for any other application process and will protect your data from further use, especially from being freely distributed on the Internet.

At the same time, you will now receive specific information from us about the company that has advertised the job. This bringing together of client and candidate is also called a "wedding" for our team of recruiters - all of whom are permanent employees, by the way.

The two-way interview - we help out

As a candidate, you are now in contact with the company that has the vacancy for the first time. However, our work does not end there. We are still available as intermediaries, support you in coordinating appointments for the job interview and prepare you for it by discussing with you what you need to bear in mind and what questions and topics you are likely to encounter.

During the interview, not only do you introduce yourself to the company, but we also ask the client to apply and introduce themselves to you, as you are our client as well.

If both sides agree and both - you and the client - say "yes" to each other, we will accompany you until the contract is signed and support you in the salary and contract negotiations. Only when the contract has been signed and both sides are satisfied is our job as headhunters fulfilled.

Our mission statement: Every candidate is a client

Throughout the entire process, we always see both sides as clients - the company with the vacancy and you as candidate. That's why we don't just work for a bounty, but always aim to find a long-term solution that works for both sides.

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