Our headhunters have successfully filled various management positions in hospitals and nursing and thus currently have active and broad contact with our own pool of candidates and with managers in the sector.

In the process, we have encountered great interest in the nursing management vacancies and have noticed a high willingness to change among the candidates approached. As a result, we were quickly able to successfully fill the vacancies in the various hospitals with suitable nursing directors.

Active and Updated Nursing Candidate Pool

At the same time, our headhunters offered highly qualified nursing staff and registered nurses whose profiles did not match the vacancies, for example due to geographical considerations, the opportunity to join our internal pool of candidates. Accordingly, this pool is highly topical at the moment and we, as a headhunting agency, can identify and approach potential candidates for a position at short notice in the case of new search assignments.

Recruitment at very short notice is also possible here, as we have already checked the nursing managers in the pool and thus only need to compare them with the target profile created for the specific vacancy.

Free Registration Candidate Pool

We are also always pleased to receive applications from highly qualified and certified nursing staff and experienced managers from the nursing sector. Registration for the pool is free of charge for relevant professionals and managers from the care sector. Once included in the pool, our headhunters for the healthcare sector approach the candidates with job offers that fit their profile.

As an international headhunting agency, we also welcome applications from specialists and managers from abroad. For those interested, we have summarised here. how to obtain a professional permit in Germany.

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