We as a headhunting agency have been offering our services in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. Thanks to many years of experience, our headhunting experts have a deep understanding of the various specialisations, trends and current developments. This enables us to find suitable candidates and fill positions quickly.

2020 was a good year for us as a headhunting agency. We filled doctor vacancies for various hospitals. The assignments came from different clients and were for different specialties.

Hospital steered by church seeks specialist

The ecclesiastical sponsor of a hospital had been looking for a specialist in geriatrics and asked for our support after no suitable specialist could be found through job advertisements. With the help of our personnel consultants, it was now possible to find a successor for the position of senior physician.

Hospital specialised in gynaecology

A completely new medical post had to be filled in a hospital specialising in gynaecology. Thanks to the professional approach of specialists by our headhunters, the response was great and the position was filled successfully.

Support for a private clinic

A private clinic was also looking for support in filling a position as a senior physician. The clinic with a special profile wanted an applicant with a lot of experience in the field of psychiatry. The special feature here was that the clinic was to be completely reorganised and the applicants had to have appropriate management skills in addition to their professional training.

Hospital steered by church seeks specialist with management skills

In this assignment by a church carrier, management skills were also required in addition to specialist skills. The radiology department of the clinic was to be completely reorganised. This included moving into a new building, new equipment and restructuring the organisation. Our headhunters from Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH supported the clinic in finding a specialist with the appropriate skills.

We were successful in the private clinic assignment and the search for a radiology specialist.

New mandates: doctor vacancies for 2021

Due to the successes from last year, we as an agency enjoy a good reputation as headhunters in the healthcare sector and have already been entrusted with new assignments. With our own pool of candidates, we are in an excellent position to fill further senior and specialist doctor vacancies. Current assignments include vacancies in ophthalmology, pathology, psychiatry, gynaecology, cardiology and angelology as well as a public health specialist. We are always happy to hear from new clients and hope to take on further challenges in 2021.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH:

Kontrast Personalberatung is based in Hamburg's Hafencity. We provide support with headhunting via direct search and executive search in the healthcare sector and help fill positions in nursing as well as health care professions and medical doctors. In addition, we offer services as a personnel consultant and help companies to select suitable candidates but also to recognise and promote the potential of their own employees.

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