Application Process but no Candidates yet? We can Help with Express Headhunting

Two universities, two cities and one hospital - they all came to us with the same problem: the current job advertisements did not work and they were unable to generate any applications for the upcoming selection procedures.

This was a particular problem for the position of head of department and in transport planning in the two cities, as approval procedures and projects failed because the positions were not filled. In the case of the university looking for professors in the natural sciences, the second advertisement was about to fail.

Speed Headhunting - more applications for job vacancies

Due to the poor initial situation, all five employers commissioned us with the rapid recruitment of candidates.

Our experienced team of headhunters and HR consultants for public administration as well as research, education and teaching were able to recruit suitable candidates for the vacancies quickly with the help of intensive and focused executive and direct search. We also activated our internal pool of candidates for more speed.

Experience makes for speed and effectiveness

Speed headhunting is possible for us primarily because we can draw on almost 30 years of experience in the market. We know the industries, the market structures as well as the major market players accordingly well and can therefore recruit effectively and in a targeted manner.

On the basis of this experience, our HR consultants also ensure through an initial check of the documents that we only provide our clients with suitable candidates. In this way, we improve the starting position of employers not only quantitatively but also qualitatively.

Many candidates in the selection process

In the cases of the cities, universities and also the clinic of a large municipal hospital operator, the now good applicant situation presented a new challenge: due to the many candidates, the selection procedures had to be reorganised and sometimes even carried out over several days instead of a few hours. As a full-service agency, we therefore also supported some of the clients in the next step with the planning and implementation of individually adapted selection procedures.

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