At Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH, the company name says it all: the complementary disciplines of psychology and business administration form the basis of our headhunting agency and have been an integral part of our corporate identity since our beginnings in 1993 - they are each represented by our two managing directors.

Our structures and working methods are based on this contrast between the two disciplines. We use the know-how from business administration to grasp the requirements of a job and to understand the industries and companies. On the other side stands the A&O Psychology, on the basis of which we can assess a person's skills and suitability for a vacancy.

Between requirement and suitability

The fact that we as a headhunting agency never see only the companies as our clients, but always consider the candidates as such, makes the equality of the two disciplines in our daily work clear.

For us, this means that we not only keep an eye on the wishes and requirements of the company, but also pay attention to whether the candidate can be satisfied with the job and meet the requirements of the position. We pay attention to people's professional wishes and career goals.

We work in a transparent and regulated manner

Based on the principles of business administration and psychology, we have developed structured procedures and processes which we present in a transparent manner. By monitoring regularly during the project phase, both internally and towards our clients, we recognise early on if a search is not going well and can react to it.

We also work on all projects as a team to ensure that we consider every aspect of a search and identify any difficulties or obstacles early on. This allows us to respond take further action if necessary.

We want quick and long-term solutions

This approach means that we can usually present our clients with their first potential candidates within a few days. In doing so, we make sure that the candidate fits the company and the vacancy both professionally and personally. On the other hand, we ensure that we only make serious offers to our clients on the candidate side. We do not support temporary employment.

As a serious headhunting agency, we also strive for a long-term solution - for the company as well as for the candidates. To achieve this, we not only want to find the perfect match, but it goes without saying that we do not poach either the candidates we place or the employees of our clients.

Headhunting agency and personnel consultancy

As a service provider with a 360-degree consulting approach to HR management, we support our clients in all aspects of HR - both in filling vacancies and in internal HR management.

As a headhunting agency, we recruit for management vacancies and experts from various specialist areas. Our key industries include engineering, commercial, digital economy and IT, as well as healthcare.

In addition, our structured way of working enables us to fill less typical positions in very specific specialist areas. In addition to the clear work steps and experience, our industry contacts, which have been built up and cultivated over many years, as well as our in-house candidate pool help with the process.

Headhunting is contrasted with the area of personnel consulting. Here we help companies to structure, optimise or realign their HR department. Among other things, we provide support in the implementation of selection processes and talent management, but also in the development of entire locations.

We are international and diverse

We offer both recruitment and our services as a personnel consultancy on a global basis and support companies with market access in Germany. Our company headquarters at the entrance to Hamburg's Hafencity is the ideal location for this - as a European headhunting agency based in Germany, we have access to the international market.

But "we are international" doesn't just mean that as a headhunting agency we recruit globally - our permanent team is also diverse and comes from very different parts of the world.

Furthermore, we attach great importance to gender equality. This applies again for both: the company and recruiting. We are happy to use our expertise to promote more diversity in companies or also, for example, educational institutions, and we adapt our recruitment accordingly. It goes without saying that we work in compliance with the AGG and observe Article 3 of the German Basic Law.

As a certified agency we respect data protection

As a reputable headhunting agency, we also pay very close attention to the protection of our clients' data - this is particularly important when working with so much personal and internal company information. We always proceed in a DSGVO-compliant manner and never pass on data without a release. This applies to the companies as well as to the candidates' personal documents.

Our structured and compliant working methods are regularly audited. Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH is double certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and SGB III.

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