Specialist in Pathology Wanted: Medical Care Centre in Saxony Expands Spectrum

A medical care centre for pathology and laboratory medicine for microbiology and hygiene in Saxony is looking for a specialist in pathology with experience and interest in histopathology. The medical care centre is part of a Germany-wide established group of laboratories with more than 300 employees under medical management

The workplace at the medical care centre for Pathology

The medical care centre has three pathologists, which are supplemented by three cytologists. Histopathology is to be established as a further field in order to expand the diagnostic spectrum. As an applicant, you will have a great deal of creative freedom.

Your specialist tasks - helping to shape histopathology

In the care centre, your specialist skills will focus on pathology. In addition, you will support and help shape the development of histopathology. This also includes the professional training and guidance of the medical assistants.

Medical care centre of Laboratory Medicine/Pathology as an employer

Your workplace will be a laboratory with the latest technical equipment. From the very beginning, you will be responsible for histopathology, both professionally and thematically. You will also have the opportunity to further your specialist training.

The work in pathology is demanding. Nevertheless, the employer is characterised by its flexible and family-friendly working conditions. Moreover, there are no weekend or night duties.

Your qualifications

We are looking for a specialist in pathology or with a qualification in laboratory medicine for the laboratory. As an applicant, you should also have many years of expertise and interest in histopathology.

Are you interested in the pathology vacancy?

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH are entrusted with the search for suitable candidates. If the position has aroused your interest, send your application with CV and letter of motivation as a PDF to our headhunters. They will then contact you with further information.

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