We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH are experienced in headhunting for health professions and successful in filling corresponding vacancies. After we were recently able to place a medical-technical radiology assistant, an medical centre for laboratory medicine from Saxony approached us - the self-published job advertisements did not work in the search for an medical-technical laboratory assistant, but the vacancy should be filled as quickly as possible.

Quick Success with Active Sourcing and Direct Search

Accordingly, our headhunter team started quickly with the active sourcing and direct search of potential candidates on the market. In addition, we used our contacts from the company's internal pool of candidates to further accelerate the recruitment process. By searching the market and the pool as well as directly contacting candidates in three ways - digitally, by phone and on site - we were able to provide the client with a selection of potential candidates quickly despite the current shortage of skilled workers.

After a selection process and the successful signing of the contract of the best-fit candidate with the new employer, the feedback to our team is very positive - both the candidate and the laboratory praised the professional support and communication by our HR consultants during the recruitment and selection process.

Clinic for Laboratory Medicine is Looking for Further Assistants

Due to the good cooperation and the successful filling of the position of Medical Technical Laboratory Assistant, the medical centre has commissioned us to fill further vacancies. The laboratory in Saxony is part of a medical care centre for pathology as well as laboratory medicine in microbiology and hygiene and is part of an independent and Germany-wide established group of laboratories. Further MTLAs are sought for the cytology laboratory in the same building.

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