For many years, we at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH had a framework contract with a clinic group for the recruitment of specialists, senior physicians and chief physicians for individual hospitals throughout Germany. This contract was terminated by the hospital group some time ago, as the group took over the recruitment itself with the help of less qualified headhunters – so far not very successfully.

One of the houses has now broken away from the group and immediately returned to us as a client. The reason: After a quality check of the newly concluded contracts of the last few years, all doctors, health professionals and nursing managers placed by us have fulfilled the expectations of the clinic in the long term.

As hoped, for example, the medical specialists we have placed are now senior or chief physicians in the same hospital. On the basis of this record, the management of the clinic has now commissioned our headhunters for the health care sector again to recruit specialists, senior physicians and chief physicians.

We work in a structured and transparent manner

As a new/old client, the clinic appreciates above all our structured and transparent way of working.

Our headhunting experts work closely with the client to develop a target profile for each vacancy to be filled. In this way, we ensure that we are focused during the direct search and only send the clinic candidates who meet the expectations and minimum requirements. The aim is always to provide the client with at least three suitable doctors or specialists for a selection procedure.

By regularly sending updates to the client during the recruitment process, the clinic is always well informed about the current status of the recruitment.

Our HR consultants provide support during the selection process

Another plus point for the clinic: if required, we also provide support during the subsequent selection process. Our HR consultants for the healthcare sector conduct individually tailored assessment centres or aptitude tests for vacancies in order to identify the best-fit candidate for the respective position. This not only helps the clinic's management to select the best, but also legitimises the choice internally and safeguards it against lawsuits.

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