A specialized clinic for addicted offenders in North Rhine-Westphalia has commissioned our headhunters for the healthcare sector with the search for general practitioners or doctors of internal medicine.

The distinct feature of this vacancy is the workplace: the general practitioner will be responsible for the general basic care of male patients aged 18 years and older in a specialist psychiatric clinic attached to a prison

These patients are usually admitted there for psychotherapeutic treatment and preparation for rehabilitation following a court sentenced for criminal offenses and drug abuse. The general practitioners care for the patients mainly in case of illness or injury, treat pre-existing conditions and provide follow-up care - the attached psychiatrist team provides therapy and further treatment.

No consultant, but a genuine interest

The specialized hospital for forensic psychiatry does not require a completed residency for the position and offers the option to complete this advanced training there. The hospital is also open to applicants from abroad and is happy to actively support them in obtaining the German license to practice medicine or the German medical specialist certificate as well as language courses.

However, candidates should have a genuine interest in the treatment of patients in a psychiatric hospital and the ability to deal sensitively with psychosocially stressed people. In its interdisciplinary cooperation, the hospital always has the goal of reintegrating patients into society.

Attractive job offer - unusual working models

For the described position as a general practitioner without management responsibility, the hospital offers a permanent position with performance-based remuneration according to TV-Ärzte/TVöD and a job ticket. There is also the possibility to work part-time and also in the home office. The employer also promises targeted training in the specifics of medical care in the psychiatric hospital.

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