We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH support companies from various sectors in filling vacancies. These include, among others, public service organisations that have a legally regulated job advertisement but still have difficulties generating applications.

When our headhunters take over the recruitment and forward potential candidates to the respective client, they are spoilt for choice and have to decide between the highly qualified candidates for a key, executive or management vacancy. Many do without a formal selection procedure and make the personnel decision in a less structured way, documenting the process incompletely. This endangers the filling of a vacancy if, for example, rejected candidates want to sue or selected candidates withdraw shortly before signing the contract.

Candidate Drops Out - Vacancy Remains Unfilled

Our headhunting experts recently experienced such a case. After we had sent a selection of candidates to our client from the public sector, he decided on one candidate without a selection procedure and without any basis - and she got cold feet at the last moment. As a result, the recruitment process failed for the time being and we, as the service provider, had to start recruiting again in order to generate new candidates.

Evidence-Based HR Decisions

To ensure the success of the recruitment process this time, our headhunters then conducted a professional selection process to identify the best-fit candidate.

In a well-founded selection process, not only are the skills and professional competences of the candidates examined, but it is also determined whether the candidate can meet the requirements of the position with his or her social and methodical competences and individual skills. On the basis of this competence profiling, the ideal person-job fit is identified and an evidence-based personnel decision is possible, which is comprehensible for everyone and protected from legal action.

Individual and Legally Compliant Selection Procedures

In preparing such a selection procedure, our academically trained headhunters draw on their knowledge of business administration and psychology, but also use their many years of experience in this field and their extensive knowledge of the industry. This is updated and expanded by us through new research on each assignment. On this basis, we develop a selection procedure adapted to the vacancy to be filled.

In doing so, we also observe all legal requirements that apply in Germany when filling a vacancy. These include, among others, the German General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), Article 33 of the Basic Law (GG) and the Second Leadership Positions Act. Furthermore, we work in accordance with the German Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) and do not pass on any information to third parties without the written consent of those involved.

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