A state ministry is currently setting up a new department on the topic of digitalisation, e-government and information technology and has commissioned us as a headhunting agency to recruit the head of the department after a previous tender with unprofessional headhunters failed.

The selection process is currently underway at the ministry with the highly qualified candidates we have submitted for the vacancy. The client is enthusiastic about the selection and optimistic that the position can now be filled.

Four candidates for final selection process

Despite the difficult initial situation, our experienced headhunters were able to quickly find and recruit potential candidates through a targeted direct search.

After a pre-selection and a detailed examination of the application documents, we were able to submit more than 20 suitable candidates to the ministry for the position of Head of the Digitalisation Unit - four of them are now in the second round of the selection process, which is currently underway.

Client and candidate praise cooperation

The ministry was not only impressed by the number of candidates, but also by their quality and diversity. "You have stepped into the breach for the entire headhunting sector," was the praise of our contact person from the ministry. In the future, the ministry intends to assign a headhunting agency to fill more top positions, she added.

The candidates also gave us a lot of positive feedback on the close and transparent cooperation as well as the competent communication. The candidates were impressed by the good preparation as well as the personal approach and support by our headhunters.

Quality also in the work processes

As a headhunting agency, we pay attention to compliance with the various legal requirements and work in accordance with the German Data Protection Act (DSGVO) and General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). In addition, we implement Article 33 of the German Basic Law and the newly passed Second Executive Positions Act (FüPoG II) in our work. This structured and clearly regulated way of working gives our clients security.

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