We recruit via professional headhunting with direct search and from our own pool of candidates - fast staffing with best-fit candidates for interim positions

Sometimes a company finds itself in a situation where external support or new personnel is needed at short notice. Typical reasons are that a company is growing or in a crisis, staff is absent in the long term or departments or entire companies are to be realigned.

In such cases, interim management offers support to bridge the bottleneck and relieve the permanent team. By bringing in a temporary interim manager, the company can stabilise situations, implement projects on schedule or test business plans.

Our headhunters recruit interim managers

We at Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH take on the recruitment of suitable managers in various sectors and fields. Due to the pandemic and the associated difficulties for companies, demand has increased. Current urgent assignments are described below.

Interim Management - Head of Accounting

For the interim position as Head of Accounting, the temporary employer is the association of two hospitals in Bavaria. The new manager will be based at one of the two locations and will work closely with the on-site team and hospital management. He or she will help in managing hospital controlling, annual financial statements and preparing and issuing audit opinions. If the work is of high quality, there is also the chance of being taken on with new career prospects. The complete job advertisement can be found here.

Interim management in the IT department of a large hospital

A hospital in Bavaria has several vacancies in IT. With a sophisticated IT infrastructure and extensive network technology, the department sees itself as an internal service provider for the entire company. The interim positions are part of an experienced and competent management and project manager team. Click here for the job advertisements.

Interim management possible in many areas

Accounting and IT in the health sector are just two examples of the use of interim management. Generally, the HR model can be used to help a company in all sectors and fields. Always with the perspective that the interim management will either be smoothly replaced by long-term personnel solutions or that the candidates themselves will be taken over on if new business plans or projects are successfully implemented.

We as headhunting agency find the right personnel

Our headhunters recruit suitable candidates for the vacancies of our clients through direct search and executive search. By addressing candidates professionally and personally, we achieve a great response on the candidate side.

Furthermore, we can also draw on our own internal pool of candidates. We have steadily expanded this pool over the past decades and today it offers a good basis for recruitment with qualified specialists and managers from various sectors and fields.

These two components enable us to quickly present our clients with suitable candidates for interim management - in whatever field.

About Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH:

The headhunting agency was founded in 1993 and is now based in Hamburg's Hafencity. We offer effective headhunting via professional direct search and our own pool of candidates. In doing so, we can draw on over 25 years of experience. In addition to filling interim positions, our recruiters also place permanent candidates in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors, the digital economy, the public sector, construction and real estate, as well as research, education and teaching.

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