An internationally oriented grammar school located in a renowned monastery complex in Brandenburg is looking for a new head of school. Our headhunter team for research, education and teaching is currently assisting the private school authority with around 800 employees at 40 educational institutions in Germany and abroad with the recruitment process.

Head of an International School

The new headmaster is responsible for the organisational and economic management of the school and shapes the teaching operations of the successful grammar school. To this end, he or she will be in close contact with the campus management - the monastery complex houses a boarding school, a secondary school and a music and art school in addition to the grammar school.

Further, the headmaster's tasks include cooperation with the school's national and international partners as well as the planning and implementation of projects and events. He or she will represent the school to the outside world and be responsible for public relations.

Wide Range of Tasks for the Headmaster of the Grammar School

For this position, the school board is looking for a head with a university degree in a pedagogical field and a teaching qualification in two recognised subjects for secondary level II.

In addition, the candidate must have extensive knowledge of school and quality development as well as intercultural awareness and cultural understanding for international cooperation.

In addition, experience in business administration tasks as well as interest and knowledge in the field of digitalisation and the use of modern media are required.

School Board Offers Attractive Conditions for New Head Teacher

The employer from the education sector offers the new school director an attractive salary, a company pension scheme and a school place for their own children. In addition, the headmaster of the grammar school will have a great deal of leeway in shaping the educational work - modern, well-equipped classrooms are available for this purpose.

Moreover, the cultural-historical campus in a monastery complex offers an idyllic setting - the school is using European culture-related funding to further develop the monastery complex.

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