As a headhunting agency, we have been active as a service provider in the health care sector since our founding in 1993, recruiting doctors, specialists and executives for training and further education institutions in the sector.

Based on almost 30 years of experience in headhunting for the health care sector, our headhunting team was again successful in filling management positions at training and further education institutions in the health care sector - also in the area of generalist services.

Successful Recruitment for Head of Nursing School

We recently recruited the new head of a nursing school where the entire generalist nursing training is taught for a large hospital in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

The succession was successful, even though the top candidate was initially unavailable due to a pandemic. However, our experienced headhunters were able to supply further qualified and suitable candidates in a timely manner by means of a professional direct search via telephone and digitally. We successfully filled the vacancy.

Active Sourcing, Direct Search and In-House Candidate Pool

Our formula for success? A team of permanent employed and academically trained headhunters, who have built up a network of highly qualified candidates in the field of education and in the healthcare sector.

By being able to draw on this well-maintained pool of contacts of educational leaders in the healthcare sector, we are able to get off to a fast start in the search for suitable candidates for a vacancy. In addition, we conduct active sourcing on the market and contact potential candidates for a position personally via various channels.

Through this combination of candidate pool and direct search on the market, our team of headhunters and HR consultants usually succeeds in quickly presenting the client with a selection of suitable candidates for the position.

Recruiters Assist in the Selection of the Best-Fit Candidate

In our search assignments, we always aim to present at least three suitable candidates to the client - the client is spoilt for choice. To make the decision easier, we also provide support at this point and carry out individually adapted selection procedures. In this way, our clients can identify the best-fit candidate, legally secure their decision and legitimise it internally.

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