We have built on our reputation as a successful engineering headhunter with renewed engineering recruitment project successes in 2020.

We can draw on our in-house candidate pool of highly qualified specialists and managers and have many years of experience in recruiting engineers. On this basis, we were once again able to successfully place suitable engineers for the key positions of our clients in the first half of 2021.

Construction and Project Management Positions in the Public Sector Filled

At the beginning of the year, a municipality in Schleswig-Holstein was looking for a civil engineer or a graduate in administration to manage and coordinate the department of civil engineering, real estate operations, environmental affairs and urban land use planning.

Our headhunters were able to fill the position within 90 days with the help of a targeted direct search. Word of this success seems to have spread in the north - we are currently also looking for civil engineers and public administrators for another municipality in Schleswig-Holstein.

Construction Manager for Hospital Buildings Found

An owner-managed architect's office in Hamburg commissioned us to look for a new site manager for hospital buildings.

Here too, our experience enabled us to quickly present the client with the first candidates who had the required degree in architecture or civil engineering. After a lot of hard work, our headhunters also filled this vacancy.

We are currently looking for qualified civil engineers from Hamburg for a general contractor in Nordrhein-Westfalen who has a vacancy for senior construction management and project management in structural engineering.

Engineers Check Jobs more Closely

Filling engineering vacancies is currently a particular challenge, as the economic situation means that few engineers are prepared to give up the security of a permanent position and take on a new vacancy.

In addition, the headhunters also reach candidates who are not actively looking but are not averse to a change. At the same time, the regularly maintained and expanded candidate pool enables a quick start to the personnel search. We are happy to support you in your search for suitable engineers.

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