At the beginning of the year, Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH was entrusted with the search for candidates for a new professorship in the field of applied computer science. The pool of applicants was initially not strong enough for this special and future-oriented department and the selection committee sought support from our headhunters for the recruitment of additional candidates.

Top Candidates due to Persistent Direct Search

Working with us as an experienced headhunting agency for science, research and education has paid off for the university: through persistent active sourcing and effective direct search, our team was able to recruit several suitable candidates who have both a doctorate and practical experience in computer science. The committee can now start the selection process on this basis.

Headhunters with High Standards

The IT specialists recruited for the position are all highly suitable for the vacancy and meet all the requirements of the job advertisement. We ensure that our clients only come into contact with suitable candidates by creating a target person profile and carrying out a detailed check of the candidates. Furthermore, our HR consultants remain in constant contact with the client in order to be able to react to observations and challenges in the recruitment process.

New Mandates - Candidate Recruitment for Further Professorships

Our own standards also apply to ongoing executive searches for professorships. We are currently recruiting for a professorship in sustainable materials and smart digitalization for Kiel University of Applied Sciences and a professorship in midwifery for a school of health in Bavaria.

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