A well-known engineering company specializing in offshore wind energy projects is looking for experienced geotechnical engineers to work on the development of offshore wind farms. The office is working with leading headhunters in the fields of engineering, energy and environmental technology to support the recruitment process. The location of Kontrast Personalberatung GmbH in Hamburg, close to the water, makes the service provider an ideal partner for offshore projects.

Geotechnical Experts for Management Position Wanted

For this leadership role, the headhunters are looking for candidates with a degree in Geotechnical Engineering who have extensive experience in the geotechnical design and construction of offshore wind parks.

The future leaders will be responsible for conducting and evaluating geotechnical investigations, designing and sizing foundation structures for wind energy projects and overcoming geotechnical challenges. They will also be responsible for monitoring the structures during operation and preparing reports, recommendations and analyses.

Flexible and Hybrid Working Models

Specializing in structural and civil engineering, the engineering firm has been actively involved in offshore wind energy projects for more than five decades, focusing on the calculation, design and operation of foundation structures. The employer, based in northern Germany, offers its employees flexible working models that enable the managers to organize their working hours individually.

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