What a mess! You would like to apply for a current position that is very interesting for you, but your application documents are not yet available in the usual PDF format. Therefore you have to wait until you have access to a classic flatbed scanner again?

Fortunately, this is no longer quite true in the age of the smartphone. Meanwhile there are excellent scanning apps for the popular Android and iOS devices that can compete with any flatbed scanner. We have put together and tested a small selection for both systems, so that in future you won't have to miss out on any attractive job because you don't have an electronic, professional application folder yet.

Scanner Apps for Android

Genius Scan - PDF Scanner

This app offers an intuitive user interface and the ability to combine multiple documents into one PDF file. The individual documents can be edited after scanning, for example to adjust the frame or specify the paper size. In addition, a quick search function ensures that no application documents are lost. In the Premium Edition, the files can also be quickly loaded into the own cloud and files can be encrypted. Intelligent text recognition is then also on board.

Simple Scan - Free PDF Scanner App

The Simple Scan - Free PDF Scanner App convinced us because of its very good recognition of document folders and its lean program structure. The document quality is also here - depending on the quality of the smartphone camera - good and appropriate for the submission of application documents. This app can also combine several documents in one file, but this function must be selected manually. In the free version the number of daily scans is limited. However, for the digitisation of your most important application documents, the number of free scans is quite sufficient.

Scanner Apps for iOS

Evernote Scannable

The Evernote Scannable App offers intelligent text recognition and a very simple user interface. The scan starts as soon as the app detects that the document is fully visible on the screen. At the touch of a button, the document can then be edited, sent directly or saved on the smartphone. Caution: To save the file as a PDF you must click on "SEND" and then release it in the files. Otherwise the document is automatically saved as an image file. If you have an Evernote account, you can also download the file directly into the cloud.


The Scanbot automatically recognises your application document as well as the Scannable App and picks it up as soon as all borders are within the screen. Also with this app there is a premium access, which allows you for example to define different folders for your files. For fast scanning and digitising of your documents this app is also very suitable with its basic functions.


With the help of modern smartphones and the apps tested by our personnel consultants, you will be able to scan your application documents with one click and digitalise them in PDF format. This means that your digital application folder is available to you in no time at all and without bulky equipment, and you will never miss an application deadline again.


Scanner Apps for Android:

Genius Scan

Simple Scan

Scanner Apps for iOS



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